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About Us

Hi there!

Our team started off as a songwriting CCA (Co-Curricular Activity). As we spent more time together, writing songs, jamming, and helping each other write lyrics, melodies, and produce, we knew that this enriching experience had to be shared with more people.

Our community is now growing fast, all with different levels of songwriting experience. More experienced songwriters are happy to share tips with new songwriters, and we all have fun together. That’s the beauty of having a community of people who all share the same interest coming together. We have fun!

Not in our community yet? Don’t worry! Joining us is as easy as clicking the link below. Our community is based in Discord, the leading digital community platform.

Join us!

Apart from having fun together, you can also go for jamming sessions to meet new people or go with your friends. We facilitate the event organisation too – Venue & Cost (no cost if possible). Need some help with producing, filming a MV, or need something else? We link you up with services ranging from free services to paid services with industrial prices (we facilitate the process of getting discounts too!) Last but not least, we offer our in-house distribution service with the (lowest) price of distributors out there (Like Distrokid).