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Samantha Ng releases her debut EP, From Me to You

Samantha Ng is back with new music for us this month! Get ready for her new EP, going live on the 11th of Nov (next Friday) at 12 midnight. She shares with us the story behind her four tracks, ‘Insomnia’, ‘Falling’, ‘Easy’, and ‘I am enough’.

About the EP:

From Me to you talks about my journey with mental health; almost like a journal to share how I have been doing. It starts off with me falling into the deep end and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. Insomnia

This first track of the EP talks about the struggle of sleeping at night because of all the negative thoughts in my head. I’ve always struggled with insecurity and based my worth on others, so this song talks about that.

2. Falling

Falling talks about my struggle with social anxiety; it feels like everything is spinning around in your head and sometimes wish that time will just pause so I could just breathe.

3. Easy

Easy talks about being tired of living up to everyone’s expectations because they expect you to be happy all the time and pretend that everything is ok when it is not that easy.

4. I am enough (live version)

This is a bonus track of my EP! I decided to include a live acoustic version of this song that I recorded during my EP fundraiser this year. I am enough is a Me anthem. When I was being put down by the words said by different people last year, I wrote this song to tell myself that I didn’t need their validation to know that I am worth it and enough just as I am.

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About Samantha Ng

Samantha Ng is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. In 2013, she started a YouTube channel to post covers and original songs. Soon, she started performing in charity events and original open mics. She is also a mental health advocate and recently graduated from the Youth for Good Program at Tik Tok and uses music as a way to share her mental health struggles in hope of spreading the message that there is hope and recovery is possible.