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Annette Lee


Stage Name: Annette Lee

Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗

Years active: 2017-present

Genre: Pop

Instruments: Vocals


Artist description:

Annette Lee is a singer-songwriter and actress who hails from Singapore. Her unique brand of pop music borrows influences from rock and indie-folk music, genres she has always enjoyed listening to.

Annette released her debut 5-song EP, “All Our Achilles Heels” in 2017. It was produced by Grammy award-winning producers Scott Cash and Ed Cash (producers of Us The Duo and We The Kingdom). In Oct 2020, she released her new album, “Song For The Underdog”, an electronically pumped record with acoustic influences that offers reassurance and support to her listeners.

In 2021, Annette and Benjamin Kheng debuted The Ann & Ben Show, a new comedy music video series digging deep into the pain and pleasures of the Asian experience. Despite having their own solo music careers, these two embark on a new journey, waxing lyrical about anything from K-Drama addictions to ordering food in the hawker centre.

Annette is also known as a comedian and video creator on social media, where she creates funny viral videos and is well recognized among netizens, being watched by more than 2 million people monthly.

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Source: Spotify

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