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dylan chan

Stage Name: dylan chan

Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗

Years active: 2022-present

Genre: Indie folk, local, singer-songwriter

Instruments: Keys


Artist description:

The debut EP from Singapore-based singer-songwriter Dylan Chan is a “lapsing between death and reincarnation,” he describes. “I wrote these songs mostly by my bedside – ideas, lines, melodies – they came best to me in dreams, in death-like sleep.” Made two years after his struggle with depression and heartbreak, Funerals by a Nightstand is a story about dying to oneself – the painful journeys we’ve had, and with it, parts of ourselves. “Like, I never thought I’d make it out alive, or see myself love again,” the 20-year-old recounts. Wielding his vividly confessional writing style, the tracks unfold as though being played in real time, with highlights like “Tarifa” reaching for the vastness of geography to take us into forgotten, intimate moments in our lives.



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