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Mark Garratt

Stage Name: Mark Garratt

Links: Website↗ Instagram↗ Band Instagram↗

Years active: 1976-present

Genre: Bluegrass, Folk, World, Alternative Acoustic

Instruments: Mandolin, Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Voice


Artist description:

Growing up in Leeds with a father embedded in the small UK bluegrass scene, Mark was raised surrounded by instruments and acoustic music. Gravitating first towards mandolin at the age of 10, thanks to their relative sizes, he went on to become a multi-instrumentalist playing a variety of genres. He moved to Singapore in 2000 where he works as a designer.

In 2022 he collaborated with General Lee and writer Laremy Lee on performances fusing SG culturally themed music, Americana/Bluegrass, and poetry that was well received by audiences at the Esplanade and Singapore Writers Festival. An off shoot of this collaboration is the formation of The Good Company Bluegrass Band who will be hitting stages around the city soon.


Addition information:

Always interested in collaborations, appearances, jamming opportunities with like minded musical folk.

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