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Grizzly Bears

Stage Name: Grizzly Bears Links: Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-Present Genre: Rock Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,Drums and Vocals   Artist description: Bears from Singapore playing rock songs on stage. Back to Database↗


  Stage Name: Kersani Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-present Genre: Neoclassical Powermetal Instruments: Schecter guitars, Korg keyboard, Yamaha bass   Artist description: Kersani is a local powermetal band with strong neoclassical influences. Back to Database↗

dylan chan

Stage Name: dylan chan Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-present Genre: Indie folk, local, singer-songwriter Instruments: Keys   Artist description: The debut EP from Singapore-based singer-songwriter Dylan Chan is a “lapsing between death and reincarnation,” he describes. “I wrote these songs mostly by my bedside –… Read More »dylan chan

Mark Garratt

Stage Name: Mark Garratt Links: Website↗ Instagram↗ Band Instagram↗ Years active: 1976-present Genre: Bluegrass, Folk, World, Alternative Acoustic Instruments: Mandolin, Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Voice   Artist description: Growing up in Leeds with a father embedded in the small UK bluegrass scene, Mark was raised surrounded by… Read More »Mark Garratt

Robin Choo

Stage Name: Robin Choo Links: Links↗ Spotify↗ Years active: 2016-present Genre: Pop, Christian Instruments: Guitar   Artist description: Robin started writing pop songs in the 80s when he was 18. Though he only started to release them from 2016, the year that he starts writing… Read More »Robin Choo


Stage Name: Altoduo Links: Links↗ Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Bandcamp↗ Label↗ Years active: 2019-present Genre: Mathrock, chillhop, fusion, jazz, experimental Instruments: Primarily bass and drums, with some keyboards and sometimes a second bass   Artist description: Altoduo is a fun, experimental, instrumental mathrock-chillhop-newage band based in Singapore.… Read More »Altoduo


Stage Name: NyaLi Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2015-present Genre: Indie soul pop Instruments: Voice   Artist description: NyaLi sings songs to tell stories, and prizes the human connection that arises from music sharing community. Her soulful chameleon sound is an evolving fusion of contemporary and… Read More »NyaLi

Quite Quiet

Stage Name: Quite Quiet Links:  Bandcamp↗ Years active: 2011-present Genre: Bedroom pop Instruments: Guitar, bass, vocals, keys, drum programming   Artist description: quite quiet is darell and himself   Gallery Back to Database↗

El Bonekas

Stage Name: El Bonekas Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2020-present Genre: Pop-Experimental Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards   Artist description:   El Bonekas, founded in 2020. A 6-piece band, coming from different backgrounds bringing the drizzle of Pop-Experimental tune.   Vocals: Syam Guitars: Ismadi &… Read More »El Bonekas

Jayme Fortune

Stage Name: Links: Links↗ Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Facebook↗ Youtube↗ Twitter↗ Tiktok↗ Years active: 2011-present Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / Alternative Instruments: Keys, Drum Kits, Samples   Artist description:   Jayme Fortune is a recording artist from Portland, Oregon. Raised in the suburbs of Tigard, Fortune arranged… Read More »Jayme Fortune