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Grizzly Bears

Stage Name: Grizzly Bears Links: Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-Present Genre: Rock Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,Drums and Vocals   Artist description: Bears from Singapore playing rock songs on stage. Back to Database↗


  Stage Name: Kersani Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-present Genre: Neoclassical Powermetal Instruments: Schecter guitars, Korg keyboard, Yamaha bass   Artist description: Kersani is a local powermetal band with strong neoclassical influences. Back to Database↗

Mark Garratt

Stage Name: Mark Garratt Links: Website↗ Instagram↗ Band Instagram↗ Years active: 1976-present Genre: Bluegrass, Folk, World, Alternative Acoustic Instruments: Mandolin, Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Voice   Artist description: Growing up in Leeds with a father embedded in the small UK bluegrass scene, Mark was raised surrounded by… Read More »Mark Garratt


Stage Name: Altoduo Links: Links↗ Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Bandcamp↗ Label↗ Years active: 2019-present Genre: Mathrock, chillhop, fusion, jazz, experimental Instruments: Primarily bass and drums, with some keyboards and sometimes a second bass   Artist description: Altoduo is a fun, experimental, instrumental mathrock-chillhop-newage band based in Singapore.… Read More »Altoduo

El Bonekas

Stage Name: El Bonekas Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2020-present Genre: Pop-Experimental Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards   Artist description:   El Bonekas, founded in 2020. A 6-piece band, coming from different backgrounds bringing the drizzle of Pop-Experimental tune.   Vocals: Syam Guitars: Ismadi &… Read More »El Bonekas

The NeoKeleLims

Name: The NeoKeleLims Links: Instagram↗ Twitch↗ Years active: 2018-present Genre: Ukulele Duo Instruments: Ukulele   Artist description: The NeoKeleLims are married couple actors Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu who started singing original songs & old time covers on stream when Covid hit. Most of… Read More »The NeoKeleLims

The Sam Willows

  Stage Name: The Sam Willows Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Website: Years active: 2012–2019 (indefinite hiatus) Genre: Pop, Indie Pop, Jazz fusion Instruments: Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass guitar, Percussion Members: Siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng, and their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua.   Artist description: Arguably… Read More »The Sam Willows

The Observatory

  Stage Name: The Observatory Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Linktree↗ Website: Years active: 2001–present Genre: Dance/Electronic, Alternative/Indie Instruments: Yuen Chee Wai and Dharma on guitars, efx and objects; and Cheryl Ong on drums; with Ong and Yuen multitasking on electronics. (2022)   Artist description: The Observatory – a name… Read More »The Observatory