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The NeoKeleLims

Name: The NeoKeleLims Links: Instagram↗ Twitch↗ Years active: 2018-present Genre: Ukulele Duo Instruments: Ukulele   Artist description: The NeoKeleLims are married couple actors Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu who started singing original songs & old time covers on stream when Covid hit. Most of… Read More »The NeoKeleLims


  Name: vanako Links: Linktree↗ Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2020-present Genre: Jazz/Pop Instruments: Vocals, Keyboard, Piano, Guitars   Artist description: Indonesian-Chinese musician and singer/songwriter vanako is a 20-year-old aspiring artist based in Singapore. Her music is a fresh blend of Jazz, Pop, and Orchestral Music… Read More »vanako


Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Twitter↗ Years active: 2020–present Genre: Pop · Chinese pop · Rock · Electronic · Orchestral · Color bass Instruments: Computer, Vocals Featured: Youtube↗ Category: Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Singer/Vocalist   Artist description: i love music sound design and singing Back to Database↗