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Quite Quiet

Stage Name: Quite Quiet Links:  Bandcamp↗ Years active: 2011-present Genre: Bedroom pop Instruments: Guitar, bass, vocals, keys, drum programming   Artist description: quite quiet is darell and himself   Gallery Back to Database↗


Stage Name: HAFIY THE DUDE Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Tiktok↗ Years active: 2021-present Genre: Hip-hop/Rap Instruments: Vocals   Artist description: @hafiythedude on all social media platforms & tiktok, from singapore Source: Spotify Back to Database↗


Stage Name: Pseudo Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Linktree↗ Years active: 2019-present Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano   Artist description: Pseudo is a 20-year-old bedroom pop artist in Singapore. If he’s not obsessively writing sad songs, he’s probably out in the library hunting for a book to read.… Read More »Pseudo


Stage Name: funnyname Links: Youtube↗ Soundcloud↗ Years active: 2018–present Genre: Small piano / Instrumental / Electronic   Artist description: im just tryin my best Back to Database↗


Stage Name: hongjoin Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Linktree↗ Years active: 2021–present Genre: Pop Instruments: Vocals; Guitar; Piano   Artist description: hi im hongjoin! i make sad music but i’m not actually sad╰(´꒳`)╯ i grew up in singapore am now based in boston! hope you enjoy listening to my songs as… Read More »hongjoin


Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Twitter↗ Years active: 2020–present Genre: Pop · Chinese pop · Rock · Electronic · Orchestral · Color bass Instruments: Computer, Vocals Featured: Youtube↗ Category: Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Singer/Vocalist   Artist description: i love music sound design and singing Back to Database↗