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Enjoy being in a community of like-minded songwriters and musicians, for free, always. | Part of the World Songwriters Group™

Learn. Collaborate. Have fun.

Enjoy being in a community of like-minded songwriters and musicians.

A place for everyone

Hop on over to our Discord server, where all
of the MAGIC happens!

Don’t know how to play any instruments,
or just released your fifth album?

No matter who you are, our community
has a place for you!

Ask questions and learn from other songwriters, producers, and musicians. Share your work and collaborate with others. See what other musicians are making. Chat, chill, and make new friends!

FREE Services

Prices range from FREE to industrial prices. (Depending on the skill level of service provider)

Need some help learning an instrument, producing your music, or filming a music video?

We link you up with professional services, while ensuring you still get the best discount.

Services include (but are not limited to): Instrument lessons, Distribution, Filming, Photoshoots, Concerts.

Live jamming sessions

Want to meet new people, and have fun
jamming at the same time?

Check out the
jamming section on our Discord page!

You don’t need a fancy studio or expensive equipment to start making songs!


We make short and simple tutorial videos, and organise workshops for all levels of songwriting and music production. How can I write a melody? How do I write lyrics? How do artists produce backing tracks? We cover such topics, and more!

Free services

Know how to play the piano but want to learn the electric guitar? Need someone to help you produce your song but kinda broke? No problem! We help to link you up with professionals and (semi) professionals to help you with whatever you need, from free services to whatever price point you’re looking at!

FL Studio? Pro tools? Want your music professional-sounding but don’t know how to use these fancy-sounding music software? Don’t worry, someone else can do it for you. Let’s look for someone to help you out with that.

Collaboration and Jamming

Gather your friends, or meet new people! Come together and have fun! No matter what genre you like, there are always others who like it too!

You Know I’m Sexy by Sacexy
love, is… by cold rainy nights

“do what you love”


Let’s work together

Check out our Discord!