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get your music onto spotify, apple music and more

We offer a distribution service, for only 1 SGD a month (12 SGD a year). And promote your music for free. The software we use is Amuse Pro.

A comparison between our distribution service and Amuse/Distrokid:

TLDR; We offer a cheaper version of Amuse, and Distrokid has a lot of hidden costs.

Steps to get your songs distributed,

for $1 a month with access to Amuse Pro features!

1. Do NOT create an account on Amuse yet.

2. Send your artist name, info for the account invitation (first name, last name, email OR phone number) through this form:

3. Our admin will make your artist using the Amuse Pro plan, and send you the invite link to create a free Amuse account to be the admin of the artist. Note: Only create your Amuse account through the invite link, and select the “Free” tier plan. The link will be sent to you on the same day you register.

4. For releasing songs, enter details via the Google form that we will send you upon registration (so Amuse Pro features can be used on your songs). Your song(s) will be submitted for release to Amuse on the same day.

5. For viewing stats and release management, you can use your Amuse account. For withdrawing your earnings, our admin will send you a financial statement (receipt) from Amuse and transfer the earnings via Paylah/Paynow to you (same-day transfer).

6. To make extra artists, contact our admin (details below). Unlimited artists accounts per user. The artist account will be set up on the same day.


  1. The artist account(s) must strictly be only for the person who signed up. (So no creating artists accounts for your friends too. Except:)
  2. For collaborations with others, creation of artists accounts for friends is free. But if your friend wants to release their own songs, they need to sign up (also $1 a month)
  3. Can unsubscribe at any time, and transferring of songs to another distributor is free.
  4. If you want to transfer your music to another distributor, the process is easy, and we will guide you through it.
  5. Note that for setting up royalty splits for friends who collaborate, when you add them, if they do not have a Pro account, Amuse takes 15% of their share.
    So if you want them to keep all their earnings, you can opt to just take 100% and once you get the money, use the financial statement receipt to distribute the earnings among your collaborators. (Distrokid does something similar, your friends have to get a Distrokid account and pay 28 SGD per year to get their split, so in that sense Amuse is better. Additionally, using Amuse you get Youtube Content ID and Shazam inclusive, but using Distrokid you must pay for this service, per song, annually.)
  6. We will promote your song on our social media platforms, with your consent.


Paylah/Paynow $1 to 8851 1314 upon registration and every 1st of the month for the subscription. (No hidden costs like extra for Youtube Content ID etc., it’s already included.)