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  • Samantha Ng releases her debut EP, From Me to You
    Samantha Ng is back with new music for us this month! Get ready for her new EP, going live on the 11th of Nov (next Friday) at 12 midnight. She shares with us the story behind her four tracks, ‘Insomnia’, ‘Falling’, ‘Easy’, and ‘I am enough’. About the EP: From Me to you talks about… Read More »Samantha Ng releases her debut EP, From Me to You
  • Chords basic crash course
    Hi there, lets learn about chords. The first step is DO NOT PANIC. Chords are easy! What are chords? A chord consists of notes played together. Playing a chord sounds fuller and has a character to it (e.g. happy/sad) compared to playing a single note on its own. Usually, ‘major’ chords portray brighter and happier… Read More »Chords basic crash course
  • How do I start making songs?
    How do songwriters make such catchy top hits and release them on Spotify? How do I even start songwriting? Let’s talk about how you can start making songs, no matter what kind of music background you have! Do I need to know how to play an instrument? The simple answer? No, you do not need… Read More »How do I start making songs?
  • Pros and Cons of Studying Music in University – Singapore
    As a musician or songwriter, there comes a stage in life when you start thinking whether going to university to pursue music is a good investment for your music career. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a music degree! Benefits Opportunities Getting chances to showcase your work and talent through live… Read More »Pros and Cons of Studying Music in University – Singapore
  • About Us
    Hi there! Our team started off as a songwriting CCA (Co-Curricular Activity). As we spent more time together, writing songs, jamming, and helping each other write lyrics, melodies, and produce, we knew that this enriching experience had to be shared with more people. Our community is now growing fast, all with different levels of songwriting… Read More »About Us