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Stage Name: Ffion

Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗

Years active: 2018-present

Genre: Pop

Instruments: Vocals


Artist description:

Born in the UK and raised in Singapore, Ffion debuted her ethereal sound with her EP, Bad Habits, in 2017. Her melancholic vocals and chill vibes landed her on Spotify’s viral charts and playlists all around the world, accumulating over 5 million plays online where she was listed as an artist to watch by the platform.

With her 2018 major debut single, Personal, Ffion has embarked on a fresh musical approach with a full-on pop exploration. Ffion earmarked this phase of her music career with the Bad Habits II EP , which fully showcased her versatile repertoire. she was invited to numerous clubs and festivals in Singapore and Manila, Philippines to perform her originals. As a live act, Ffion brings an air of close intimacy, driven by her emotive and sensual vocal delivery that captivates both masses and critics alike.

Over the course of 2020, Ffion has taken time to slow down and reflect on her artistry, her new sound aims to have one re-connect with their inner child whilst acting as a form of escape from the real world. Ffion’s new collection of songs deals with themes of love and loss and showcases her versatility as a singer and a songwriter.

Source: Spotify

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