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Jayne Peh

Name: Jayne Peh Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2020–present Genre: Pop, Mandopop Instruments: Vocals; Guitar; Piano Featured on: SG:SW 2021 我写我的歌 ; Xin Kong Xia ; The Straits Times ; The Straits Times (2) ; The Youth Station ; The Dream Composition   Artist description: Under the multicultural… Read More »Jayne Peh

Kitty Purrnaz

Stage Name: Kitty Purrnaz Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Years active: 2022-present Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic Instruments: Vocals, Guitar   Artist description: Hi, I’m Kitty. 💿 ○ part-time indie artist ○ full-time computer science student ○ Matlab, LaTeX, Python, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Java   Source: Spotify, Instagram Back to Database↗


Stage Name: funnyname Links: Youtube↗ Soundcloud↗ Years active: 2018–present Genre: Small piano / Instrumental / Electronic   Artist description: im just tryin my best Back to Database↗

Ysa Yaneza

  Stage Name: Ysa Yaneza Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Links↗ Years active: 2016–present Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic Instruments: Vocals   Artist description: 23-year-old Ysa Yaneza, a singer/songwriter/producer whose brand of synth-infused bubble-gum pop calls to mind the likes of 90’s icons Spice Girls and Britney Spears (both of which the artist… Read More »Ysa Yaneza

The Sam Willows

  Stage Name: The Sam Willows Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Website: Years active: 2012–2019 (indefinite hiatus) Genre: Pop, Indie Pop, Jazz fusion Instruments: Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass guitar, Percussion Members: Siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng, and their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua.   Artist description: Arguably… Read More »The Sam Willows

The Observatory

  Stage Name: The Observatory Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Linktree↗ Website: Years active: 2001–present Genre: Dance/Electronic, Alternative/Indie Instruments: Yuen Chee Wai and Dharma on guitars, efx and objects; and Cheryl Ong on drums; with Ong and Yuen multitasking on electronics. (2022)   Artist description: The Observatory – a name… Read More »The Observatory


Stage Name: lewloh Links: Spotify↗ Instagram↗ Linktree↗ Years active: 2017–present Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic Instruments: Vocals; Guitar   Artist description: hi there – if you are reading this, take a deep breath. this breath is just for you, and you only. i love connecting with people through songwriting, and sharing… Read More »lewloh


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